The most frequent Mistakes in SEO Competitions

Have you ever taken part in a search engine optimization contest?

I've. I've gone through all the phases: aspirant, Chosen, finalist, winner and maybe even member of this jury on many occasions. And, believe me, seeing SEO contests from another hand eliminates many prejudices and fears.

However, SEO contests are rigged!

If you are among people who think they never win Since SEO competitions are given beforehand, you're mistaken. Look at me, I don't have a plug anywhere and I've managed to win sometime. Additionally, I can guarantee you that, in the juries I've engaged in, the process was transparent, driven exclusively by standards of SEO quality.

However, you don't need to be naive either. Behind some of those Best-endowed prizes there are interests which have little to do with literature (at least, that's what several writers I have talked to have explained ). Unfortunately, all these are also tough to win. Why? Since they are presented with professional writers. There are scores and scores of anonymous professional writers who are light years apart from becoming multimillionaires, but that live off their art precisely because they triumph several search engine optimization prizes a year.

That is why it's important to choose the prizes you present yourself. Even prizes that are in their first editions along with the involvement is not yet enormous. SEO prizes from small towns aren't usually badly paid and are much more affordable. Or maybe you want to try out those where the prize is to be published, so individuals will finally read for you. There are SEO contests of all types, as Víctorio Pajuo describes in this guide, and based on your objectives, you have to introduce yourself to others or some. Explore and surprise yourself. It'll be SEO competitions... there is a good deal of them every month!

BUT... before you start Considering the speech of Gratitude, ask yourself if the story you gift has a true chance of winning, because I, who've been around the other side performing the sifting, have observed errors that you wouldn't think. And I'm going to tell you about them so you do not fall to them. There they proceed.


1. Failure to comply with the Foundations

Carefully the rules, which are to get some thing. Just by complying with them to the correspondence, you have a better prospect of winning than you think. It's incredible how many men and women pass them . No extension, no typeface, maybe not Click here to find out more even the subject! They send anything they need and, ale, let's see if we are lucky! If a player doesn't bother to read the rules, the jury doesn't bother to read his text, that straightforward. His story was great? Too bad, he delivered her into the wrong competition.

2. Not knowing the principles of Grammar and punctuation

It Appears obvious, but it's not: to win a Search Engine Optimization contest you Need to know how to compose. Come on, the fundamentals: putting letters together according to the rules of spelling and combining words with meaning. Many, many, current stories full of flaws. Tildes? Comas? Pa' what? And because the jury is not there to decipher hieroglyphics, they're removed without contemplation.

When you are a jury SEO Contest uWelcome2019 and you've got more than fifty stories That do not comply with the principles and, moreover, are full of faults, you no longer know whether to laugh or cry.

Between the unfulfilled bases as well as the flaws, a sizable part Of the participants are left out of the contest. People who pass the first sieve belong to some minority. But that is when things become complicated...


3. Not focusing of style

A good writer is one who describes the complex with simple words. Whereas a bad writer, or inexperienced author, is one who attempts to show off with a verbiage filled with grandiloquent words. They reload the paragraphs in such a manner that it is all but impossible to understand what the story is all about. I am sorry to mention that if you make that mistake and the jury should get a dictionary to follow you, they won't believe you're too clever, they'll think you're too pedantic and boring.

But you don't have to go to the other extreme either: Simple does not mean simple. A story that does not have these stylistic mistakes makes the difference. Therefore, one of the most essential steps before submitting your story to a search engine optimization contest is to spend a good deal of time adjusting your style, so that the words which remain are just and necessary. You don't understand how much the jury will thank you for it.


4. The beginning is boring

There is a great deal of focus on the fact that the Opening sentence has to be particularly good. I don't think that it's vital for a narrative to be excellent, but it should not be anodyne either. And this error is particularly bleeding in a short story or a micro narrative, in which every word counts. Look how difficult it is for the reader to abandon you halfway when your story is half a page long, but there are participants that do. Too many.

Placing at a short story is generally a mistake. You likely hate it if your neighbor tells you about the weather in the elevator, especially when he warns you that it's raining when you wind up in suspenders and with your own umbrella beneath your arm. Well, the identical thing happens on your narrative: Why does it really matter that it was cloudy or the sun was shining? That type of information, in life and in literature, only interests us as it serves us well.

That advice extends to books. Although there is more room For frills, it's advised that everything narrated should play a role in the narrative. The external physiological descriptions, the review of all of the protagonists' clothes, the section of the time in each chapter... sleep the reader and, don't doubt it, the jury of this SEO contest.

5. A bad development

Then there are the participants who have really internalized The initial shocking term, however, they are not able to maintain the level during the rest of the text. You are able to see that they had a good story, but they didn't understand how to let it. Too bad.

"sometimes the best thought is the way to tell the story. The most original debate in the world is useless if you do not fancy the plot well. My recommendation is that you don't try to become a breaker if you have not mastered the basic tools yet. A typical well-told story will be interesting to the jury than a very first one that is badly developed. The jury is not going to evaluate your good intentions, but the last result.

Additionally, there Are people who believe that a Brief story is to Or the participants that recreate themselves in reflections with no story as a frequent thread. In these cases, the issue is they haven't known that short stories and micro tales must have their own thing: they are not the brothers of a publication nor a couple of beautiful and deep phrases. They must tell a whole story in a few words, and that is where the complication lies.

6. Failed end

The bad thing about a good start and a good development is That if the end isn't up to the job, it disappoints. Only those who create the 3 components appealing can win the prize.

What errors do novice writers often make at the end of Their tales?

Explain the story: Yes, even more than one does. That denotes Insecurity on the part of the author, that wishes to make it clear that his story had a depth that, possibly, the jury has not been able to see. At this point, the jury could react in two ways: when they'd known the complexity of the narrative, they will ask them to explain it to them, and the participant will lose several points, if not all them; and if they had not seen it for themselves (and, even so, it's possible they would have enjoyed the story)they will realise that the author did not understand how to transmit the thoughts he was trying to convey... and they will also subtract points from it.

Conclusion: never explain the conclusion, make an attempt to be clear through the text. Or leave doors open for each reader to think what they want, which is much more suggestive.

Recurring to the joke: You already have to do it nicely To make it funny. The double meanings are very well seen. What did it seem like you were speaking about your girlfriend, but you were referring to your car? Well, that's not surprising anymore, in actuality, it is possible to see it coming from afar. A story that's reduced to the last joke is easily forgotten, it will never remain in the mind of the jury, following dozens and dozens of stories .

Sentimentalism: Occasionally it works, but, from my point of View, a short story does not give time to create the necessary atmosphere to Move with a final twist that rolls the fiber. It is dangerous, or even Counterproductive, to overdo meaninglessness or play. If you opt for this kind Of story, everything has to be very quantified so as not to trigger the opposite Result: rather than stirring, repelling.